Mobile Platform

The Smartiply mobile platform offers a Fog Computing SDK that enables resource sharing and collaboration between devices in a Fog network. It enables 3rd party developers to create a multitude of innovative apps that were never imagined before, to support use cases that are either completely Cloud-less or [Fog-based + Cloud-dependent]. Download the full brochure to learn more.

Fog Networking

The SDK enables nearby devices to discover and network with each other in either a decentralized or centralized fashion, and they can interact completely Cloud-less or connect to the Cloud only when needed.


Communications between devices are completely secure. Comprehensive authentication and authorization management ensure user privacy and data security in all layers.

Resource Sharing

Nearby devices can securely interact and agree to share each other’s resources, such as bandwidth, storage, computing, and sensors, to create a multiplier effect.


The advanced collaboration mechanism allows devices to intelligently monitor each other, facilitate control, and deliver notifications based on predefined events.

P2P & Group Communication

The SDK supports peer-to-peer and group communication in a Fog network. The devices can send and receive messages, share files, function as the platform for multi-player games, and even stream live data to other devices.

Bandwith Bonding & Boosting

The SDK allows nearby devices to combine all available Internet connections to securely deliver a reliable network for all application data transport and boosted bandwidth for uninterrupted video streaming.

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Offline Payment

Current payment solutions require you to be always online, but this will not work in environments that have unreliable or no connectivity. Smartiply’s peer-to-peer offline authentication mechanism enables secure transactions offline without depending on the Cloud.

Step 1 - Connect

Smartiply’s offline payment solution enables devices to connect with each other directly, so the Cloud connectivity is not required at the point of sale.

Step 2 - Pay

Transfer money P2P with confidence and peace of mind. The system will securely enable offline authentication and book the transactions for both parties.

Step 3 - Settle

Once either party gets back online, all pending activities will be synced with the Cloud, and transactions will be settled with relevant financial institutions.

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DataNinja is an Android App that allows multiple devices between friends and family members to discover each other and combine all available WiFi and cellular connections for a reliable, boosted, and secure Internet experience. Data sharing is metered to encourage reciprocity and to also enable compensation as may be needed. Visit the DataNinja website to learn more.