Fog Computing Solutions for Internet of Things

Smartiply solves difficult problems inherent in IoT deployments using Fog Computing, thereby speeding adoption.  The Smartiply Fog Platform leverages network, computing, and storage resources in the Fog to invigorate IoT.

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Harness the Power of Things to address the limits of the Cloud

IoT and mobility create massive problems with Cloud-dependent architectures. However, billions of “Things” create massive opportunity to leverage underutilized and idle resources.

Technology Platform

Smartiply built the first platform that powers resource sharing and collaboration in the Fog, enabling a multitude of IoT use cases for online, offline, and hybrid environments. The Smartiply Fog Platform is device, network, and Cloud agnostic. The platform has been tested and perfected in some of the most challenging environments.

Core Capabilities

Smartiply Fog Platform powers Edge intelligence, optimizes resources, and performs functions even without Cloud connectivity.  For online environments the platform delivers higher reliability through resource optimization.  For offline environments the platform drives Thing-to-Thing collaboration.

Edge Intelligence
Sharing & Collaboration
IoT & Connectivity
Offline Computing

Industries & Use Cases

Public Safety
& Security

Unreliable and inadequate connectivity prevents continuous video streams and sensor data from being transmitted to the Cloud, causing security risks. The real-time smart connectivity offers a resilient and boosted connection to transport video and sensor data to the Cloud. Edge intelligence enables local analytics, decision making, and data thinning, resulting in timely action and cost savings on data transport.  The integrated platform reduces TCO and accelerates ROI.

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Enterprises often have multiple facilities across geographies, many of them in locations with infrastructure issues. Remote facilities may need to transact with central systems in the Cloud. Branches may have to collaborate with each other for day-to-day operations. The real-time smart connectivity offers site-to-center and site-to-site collaboration to ensure mission critical functions are uninterrupted and transactions are secure.  Edge computing reduces burden on the Cloud.

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Smart City warrants a diverse set of capabilities such as monitoring traffic, air quality, and lighting through a variety of sensors; identifying suspicious behavior through numerous cameras; and providing citizens special experiences in public places. Smartiply Edge Gateway enables both analog and digital sensors to be monitored, optimally captures video streams and detects anomalies locally, and facilitates government-to-citizen interactions and services—all on one platform.

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Constrained &
Offline Environments

Many environments are deprived of connectivity: either it is unreliable, inadequate, or nonexistent. Current Edge solutions do not adequately support offline environments.  Smartiply offers capabilities that support all environments: online, offline, and hybrid. For online environments connectivity is optimized through Edge intelligence. Fog-based resource sharing and collaboration drive offline functions. Offline-to-Online continuity ensures transactions always happen.

Download full Case Study PDF (2 MB)