Fog Computing is a horizontal architecture that spans the continuum from device to Cloud, to carry out a substantial amount of storage, communication, control, configuration, measurement and management, rather than doing all those tasks in the cloud data center or internet backbone. Fog Computing is the future way to overcome the disadvantages of current Cloud Computing technology, such as the latency and bandwidth issues in the Internet of Things.

Smartiply Mobile uses a VPN approach to realized bandwidth bonding, so the connection is robust, reliable, and secure. With our xxxx technology, Smartiply enables you to use your own WiFi and Cellular data connection (self-bonding) as well as WiFi and Cellular data connection from other devices (D4D bonding) at the same time. The app dynamically allocates data packages to the better connection to boost speed, balance load and realize quick failover.

Smartiply Mobile is a universal solution for bonding bandwidth. It supports upload and download, streaming or non-streaming, and public or private contents. So, yes, Smartiply Mobile works with every kind of apps you can think of.

Yes. You can set daily/monthly helping data limits in the app (in settings), to control your own data usage while helping your family and friends.

Yes. Neither of the requester nor the helper has access to other devices’ data in local storage or in the network. All the data transmitted between devices are encrypted as well.

Smartiply Gateway supports both wireline and wireless connections, which includes 2G (GPRS, EDGE), 3G (WCDMA, HSDPA, CDMA2000, xxxxx), and 4G LTE (4G LTE A).